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Blaming the ruling party is waste of time, let’s ACT NOW!


CHANGE’s vision is for a prosperous, united, peaceful, victorious Team South Africa. A Nation back to God, a nation whose historical issues are dealt with decisively and swiftly, a nation where colour, race and language are our source of strength and not separation factors’, a nation where moral sanity is regained. A nation where the corrupt, criminals and all the inhuman characters are outcasts.


To valiantly confront the socio-political and economic paradigms for total CHANGE. This guided by radical and pragmatic strategies. The status quo must CHANGE.


CHANGE’s political philosophy is harbored on a people centered government with the citizens fashioning the country’s future and the administration ensuring optimum executions there of.

In summery CHANGE is for:

  • Republicanism: South Africa and South Africans first
  • Pragmatism: Radical and a swift actioning of government policies and of executive decisions
  • Citizens centralism: The people and not the politicians must govern

Guiding beliefs: It is impossible to lead a nation successfully without God, the author of moral values and ethics. God teaches wisdom, sympathy, love, forgiveness, care and respect for others and for country’s resources... Ubuntu. These are the conservative values of the country’s 86% plus Christian/Jewish population.