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Time to blame the ANC is over, Its Time for CHANGE

Time for CHANGE is now. Time to move South Africa to a glorious nation is now.

You are as tired, angry, despondent and groaning as are the millions of South Africans due to the 26 year long and worsening socio-economic and political woes the country continues to swim in.

However, the time to complain against the ruling party and to even ‘watch’ them and blame them for what they have proven to be incapable of CHANGING is gone. Yes, it is easy to complain and blame them especially now given their evident heartlessness in looting even during the ravaging pandemic.

But this won’t rescue the country but a united action will. Let us CHANGE all our nightmares and take our beloved country to what the founders of the political struggle had envisioned...a glorious, united, democratic, peaceful, corruptionless and prosperous country where everyone is equal.

This is time to sing Nkosi Sikel ‘iAfrika again as we fearlessly and boldly march to this unreached goal. This is the song confirming to us that our forefathers and mothers trusted God for a free country. Therefore March with us. CHANGE is possible with God.

We are an army of young people, bold, fearless, respectful, knowledgeable and committed to a radical political, social and economic CHANGE in our country. We will unapologetically confront the paradigms and CHANGE the status quo. We are duty bound, just as you are, to recover our hijacked democracy and our squandered economy and security.

I hereby besiege you to help us reroute the stray ship before the whole country gets to dust. Let us rebuild the fallen walls together. Let us CHANGE South Africa for what we desire her to be. Click the links below and become a Changer today!

God bless you all

Lesiba Molokomme


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