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‘Blaming the ruling party is waste of time, let’s ACT NOW!'

The CHANGE we need is in your hands. We have many reasons to ask you to land a helping hand:

  • We must bring political power into the hands of the citizens
  • We must burn the corruption bridge and make all the looters pay for their horrible ‘sins’
  • We must confront the economic paradigm and boldly reclaim the stolen economic glory
  • We must assure safety for all, remove all the luxuries for prisoners, bring back the death penalty, fire the incompetent and underperforming SAPS commanders
  • We must help our young people to get out of the entanglement of social grants and become independent and proud again
  • We must cut imports and increase exports of goods and eventually make SA an economic hub again
  • We must ensure women and children are safe and free
  • We must bring dignity to our Parliament We must bring you leaders who will always be conscious of their responsibilities
  • We must eradicate the long standing racism and inequality for a glorious South Africa We must bring back God to the nation

These and other policies we have will be achieved when we get power...starting with local government elections in 2021 where we should have many councilors representing you in various municipalities. This will be the start of greater CHANGE that will be cemented in 2024.

This is why we need your donations.

Please DONATE, a way of EFT or direct deposit any amount from R50 to R5000. Choose between 3,6,12 months or Once off.

Bank Name: Standard Bank
Account Holder: CHANGE
Account Number: 10126694697
Branch Code: 011842
Branch Name: Boksburg