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In light of the North Gauteng Division of High Court’s ruling of some regulations of level 3 and 4 of the lockdown as being invalid and unconstitutional, CHANGE can’t help but ask how many more things are so wrong regarding corona virus and it’s handling.

We are also alarmed that the whole Presidency, his Cabinet and all their legal advisors didn’t see this when they took decisions. Are we really safe in the hands of the ANC led government? Will they sell us out because of their proven tendencies of ‘learning from other countries’ and being ‘advised by the international experts’? For how long will they park their brains?

As far as CHANGE is concerned South Africa doesn’t have a de facto government, we have our own democratically elected government that should make decisions to the best interest of all and not to please WHO and China.

And what about those many political parties represented in Parliament? Some of them have been silent until they came out to attack the CHURCH. Are they bewitched to miss such a constitutional flaw? Are they in Parliament for salaries and not to represent you? They subjected you to 74 days of the unlawful house arrests and more. Vote them out next time...before they sell you to One World Order only to say sorry later. You need more than politicians to be in Parliament, bold, fearless and honest to radically overhaul the failed governing system. Those who acknowledge it is impossible to lead a nation without God.

We would like to call on the President to lead us according to the Constitution of the Republic. We are not a nation of zombies and praise singers, we question things and we demand democracy to be actioned. The ANC might have had the majority to put this dangerously blind leadership into office but the Constitution is for all, not for the majority.

CHANGE is here! CHANGE is now!

Lesiba Molokomme President, CHANGE

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