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Hands Off Mogoeng Mogoeng

JOHANNESBURG, Midrand – Those waging a religious war against the Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and camouflaging as the defenders of the constitution are only pushed by hateful sentiments and are hellbent on dividing the religious groupings.

It is embarrassing that as a nation there are those amongst us who hate prayer same way the rest of us hate crime and corruption. There are more issues to deal with in this country than to wage a religious war.

If there is anyone to be held responsible for this uproar is the same reporter who chose to frame his storyline in a way befitting his agenda. South Africans are not stupid, we all saw the video and have heard what the Chief Justice prayed against. By removing the context of his prayer in order to charge him with contempt of the Judicial Commission Service act or call for his removal from office is a futile exercise.

South Africans as a wise people, have every right to question anything issue affecting them, be it health, security, employment and any issue around Covid19 without being labeled conspiracy theorists and bigots. We will not park our brains and let someone decide for us. Not after the innumerable failures and disappointments by government.

CHANGE calls on all South Africans not to allow anyone to divide us. Praying against anything that could endanger our society is a call to everyone who believes in the power of prayer.

And to the Christians across all the denominations we say be careful not to side with those persecuting the Chief Justice because this attack is an attack on Christianity.

CHANGE is in full support of the Chief Justice and his prayer.

CHANGE Party is a political party registered with the IEC in 2019. The founder and president is Lesiba Molokomme, the former Gauteng Chairperson of the ACDP.




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